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Located in Duncan, South Carolina, two miles west of I-85 at the corner of Highway 290 and Danzler Road, SCALE is a six-acre map of South Carolina with interstate highways, rivers, lakes, cities, historical markers, nature sites, and native plants. It is an outdoor facility where students can actively engage in learning, be it mathematics, science, geography, South Carolina history, environmental issues, reading, writing… SCALE lends itself to lessons that span the content areas giving students the opportunity to see the world as interconnected rather than segmented pieces.

The purpose of the South Carolina Academic Learning Environment (SCALE) is to provide an outdoor learning classroom where the students of all Spartanburg school districts, as well as students across the state, can come to learn and apply knowledge in a real setting.

The mission of SCALE is:

To extend standards-based learning beyond the classroom and into a real world setting,

To provide a unique environment for active learning,

To provide interdisciplinary learning experiences,

To preserve a natural setting in a rapidly developing community,

To provide a setting for student and community interaction,

To involve students in service learning projects, and

To assist teachers in providing meaningful learning experiences for students.


100 N Danzler Rd
PO Box 307
Duncan, SC 29334